Case Study: '47 Brand Socks

Services Provided

• Competitive Research

• Concept Ideation

• Technical Drawing and Specification

• Product Development Assistance


Project Summary

Working with sock merchandiser and overall sock guru George Haralambous, I worked on every aspect of the process to bring a new line of licensed sock to life for '47 Brand. '47 released these just prior to Stance's drop of licensed socks which immediately upped the game of licensed socks for the Fall '15 season. These socks can be found in most stadiums and book stores across the country.

I began with competitive research, presenting my findings to the management and sales teams at '47 brand. I then worked closely with the manufacturer to design three major silhouettes aimed at different consumers.

• A Premium "Stance" competitor with a high yarn count, compression, mesh for breathability and a half-cushion sole. This sock features the loudest graphic treatments.

• "Nike Elite" competitor. This is a standard calf-length, ribbed sock. This was designed for the true fan who is most concerned with representing their team.

• 3-Pack. No one had, or has touched the 3-pack licensed sock. It's a unique opportunity for consumers to chose their team over plain black at big box retailers like Dicks or Walmart.

'47 Brand Headwear & Gloves

Project Summary

My involvement with headwear is more of a career than project. I have been researching, designing and developing headwear and accessories since I began working with '47 Brand. With almost 5 years of headwear design I have worked on thousands of styles ranging in distribution from Mass Market to Boutique. My work with headwear includes both woven and knit. I have also developed lines of knit and woven gloves.  

In addition to design, I managed all headwear styles I designed and have overseen factory production overseas. I am intimately trained in the manufacturing of headwear, both woven and knit and can help you created detailed designs and technical drawings for your project. Speciality knowledge includes;

  • headwear industry research for technique, color, style
  • fabric dyeing
  • fabric wash/distress techniques
  • cut panels
  • sublimation
  • screen printing
  • embroidery
  • appliqué, 
  • yarn dyeing
  • knit patterns
  • hardware design & development
  • trim design and sourcing

Note: All designs shown were designed and developed as part of a team. Examples shown were worked on primarily by me, but have design input from said team. Primary team members were: Bob Morgan, Joe Zuidema, Jared Dann