Case Study: '47 Brand Forward

Services Provided

• Market Research

• Product Merchandising

• Concept Ideation & Design

• Technical Design

• Fabric Development & Development Assistance



Project Summary

'47 Forward is the embodiment of the belief that every person from the lounger, to the athletic deserves to have the most comfortable clothing possible. It is derived from the burgeoning "Athleisure" concept in which active apparel attributes are applied to a casual piece of apparel to achieve both daily-wear style in addition to added function. I was in charge of all stages of this project up to and assisting with product development.

Research & Merchandising - The root of this project came from investigation into the outdoor, athletic and lifestyle markets. While researching it was clear an "Athleisure" concept that blends the lifestyle fashion of '47 Brand, with the advantages of new synthetic/natural material blends and active construction.

Concept Ideation - Months of research were translated through sketching into a "core" line of apparel that would lay the groundwork for the Forward line. This includes tank tops, tee's, heavy weight tops, outerwear and bottoms. 

Technical Design & Fabric Development - I created Technical Specification Packs for each garment, and worked closely with the Developers to get a series of samples created. Simultaneously, we went to our factories in Peru to oversee the development of a special fabric blend that fit well with the '47 Brand fabric story.