Working Together

Your product represents you and the message you wish to convey to your customer. My goal is to help bring this message to your customers through clear, concise design.

Every project, and every client is different for which we can adjust the process we use to reach your goals. 

Take a look bellow to see the steps I can employ to help create your clear and concise product solution. 

The Process


Every great product starts with understanding your customer, and how your product will affect them. We can help identify current trends in style, material, color and graphics, and how they can be implemented in your final product. 

Concept Ideation

Using the research we gather on both your customer and the social inputs we chose to consider, we can ideate concepts for your design through sketching, sampling, and whatever other methods needed. We will go from far flung concepts to focused design. 

Technical Design

Great ideas need effective implementation in order to become a successful product. With years of experience designing and developing apparel and headwear cut and sew construction, print techniques and trim specification I can build technical specifications to effectively communicate your design to manufacturers. Effective communication will reduce lead times, samples needed, and back and forth with both domestic and overseas factories. 

Getting it Made

Tech Packs are the first step to your effective communication with your manufacturer. Whether it's a domestic printer, or a factory in Vietnam I can help you see your design intentions through to a final product. 

Skills and Specialties

• Trend & Color Research

• Cut & Sew Construction

• Technical Specification Packs

• Adobe Suite: CS3 - CC

• Microsoft Word, Excel

Case Studies - See the process in action

'47 Brand Forward

'47 Brand Forward

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply

Capo Cycling

Capo Cycling